EquiTerr Benefits
  • Extends bedding life by allowing moisture to drain away from the bedding layer.
  • Honeycomb cell structure resists the horse's pawing action, thus eliminating holes.
  • Permanent installation - system does not need to be repositioned or removed for cleaning.
  • Virtually maintenance free.

EquiTerr Features

  • Molded of environmentally safe recycled polyethylene plastic.
  • Semi-rigid design makes the honeycomb structure flexible and resilient, but capable of withstanding compressive loads in excess of 32,000 lbs. per square foot.
  • Lightweight modular design and superior overlapping joint system makes for a quick and easy installation. Each paver weighs less than 2 pounds.
  • Molded-in bottom cleats provide stability during installation.
  • Ample drainage ports improve surface drainage.

EquiTerr Stall Flooring
The EquiTerr paver is a honeycomb shaped matting product. When assembled on your stall floor and filled with decomposed granite (DG), stone dust or a similar drainage material, the system creates a porous foundation to support your bedding material. The EquiTerr system helps promote surface drainage and resists the horse's pawing action.

EquiTerr is a cost effective, easy to install, permanent stall floor. It works wonderfully with DG stall floors and is an excellent solution for drainage problems in existing barns.





EquiTerr flooring is very easy to install - just 4 simple steps:

Step #1: Lay a 2-8 inch sub-base of drainage material, such as crushed rock and a leveling layer.

Step #2: Lay EquiTerr panels on sub-base.

Step #3: Fill panel cells with additional drainage material. Be sure to overfill so you can't see the pavers and always use clean stone. No stone dust or fines.

Step #4: Add desired bedding and you're done!!



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